About Working for Peace and Justice, Friends of Hebron

Working for Peace and Justice, Friends of Hebron supports Palestinian nonviolence and resilience in the most heavily occupied city in the West Bank. We advocate for a just and peaceful solution based on principles of international law and human rights and support Palestinian communities living under the most difficult circumstances of Israel’s occupation.

Why Hebron

Palestinian Life & Identity in Hebron

Palestinians in Hebron face 23 checkpoints, over 100 movement barriers and violent fanatical settlers within their ancient city. Israel has approved 31 settlement units, the first in 15 years, to be built on what was once the main street in Hebron, but is now almost entirely closed to Palestinians. Settlers are placing street signs in Hebron to change the Palestinian identity of the city and mislead visitors.

Apartheid Signs

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We lift up the stories and provide support for the families in Hebron living under the most difficult conditions.

Your donations help us advocate and provide relief to families in Hebron who live among checkpoints, restrictions and apartheid.

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